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My teaching praxis is centered in critical transfeminist and intersectional analyses of identity discourses and their institutionalization. I design courses through an intentional social justice lens that aims to center queer/trans, of color, and crip contestations with the construction of dominant cultural and movement histories. I am especially informed by José Esteban Muñoz’s powerful defense of concrete utopianism in Cruising Utopia, in which he draws from black and Latina feminisms to present trenchant queer of color challenges to the fatalism of the neoliberal era. My courses are designed to wake students up to the power of knowing why “this world is not enough” (Muñoz 1) and ask them to think historically and politically about the utility of such a claim.

My interdisciplinary pedagogy and course design are arranged around the same question that animates my research: What conditions might make or have made it possible for queer, trans, of color, and crip subjects to find modes for becoming, to demand—as Kushner phrases it in Angels in America—“more life?” For myself and students both, this means an intentional and continual process of moving my classroom into a space of productive discomfort with how reality is organized. I do this through a a transfeminist and intersectional anti-subordination praxis that works to center subjugated knowledges across comparative accounts of both history and culture. In all my classrooms, I strive to induce in students a phenomenological stance of radical openness to the transformative nature of historical, cultural, and textual encounter.

Courses Taught and Developed:

-WGS 399: Latinx Queer/Trans Theory and Film, GVSU (independent study)
-WGS 399: Trans of Color Masculinities, GVSU (independent study)
-WGS 399: Transing Trauma and Disability, GVSU (independent study)
-LIB 325: LGBTQ Identities, GVSU                                                                
-WGS 365: Queer and Trans Theory, GVSU
-WGS 224: Introduction to LGBTQ Studies, GVSU
-LIB 201: Diversity in the United States, GVSU
-LGBT 204: Bodies of Difference, HWS
-LGBT 301: Queer Geographies and Migrations, HWS
-LGBT 201: Transgender Identities and Politics, HWS
-LGBT 101: Introduction to LGBT Studies, HWS
-S2013Q: Queer Pleasure and Politics, EVG
-WGS 375: Race, Class, and Gender, SSU
-WGS 160: Gender, Politics, and Citizenship, SFSU
-WGS 552: Transgender Identities and Communities, SFSU (grad/undergrad)
-WGS 551: Queer/Trans Literatures and Media, SFSU (grad/undergrad)
-WGS 621: Feminist Theories, SFSU (grad/undergrad)
-SXS 633: Queer Intimacies in Literature/Film, SFSU (grad/undergrad)
-SXS 301: Queer Memory and Embodiment, SFSU
-AMS 375: Sex in American Popular Culture, UB
-AMS 113: Democracy and Difference, UB
-UGC 111/112: World Civilizations 1 and 2, UB
-AMS 375: Critical White Studies, UB