Upcoming Talks and Appearances

Below are some of my most recent conference talks and invited lectures:


“Lana and Lilly Wachowski’s Cinematic Pedagogy of Dissent.” American Studies Association Annual Conference. Chicago, IL. Nov 2017. With micha cárdenas, Laura Horak, Lokeilani K. Kaimana, Roxanne Samer, and Susan Stryker. Nov. 2017.
-Paper: “Trans Pedagogies of Perceptive Dissent: The Matrix as Emblematic Cinema.”


“Sensing Transgender: Ecstatic Passages Through Cinematic Reality.” Stanford Interdisciplinary Working Group in Critical Theory. Stanford University. May 2017.


“Queerly Kindred in (T)end Times.” Queer Places, Practices, and Lives Symposium. Ohio State University. Columbus, OH. May 2017. With Katie Horowitz and Harlan Eugene Weaver. May 2017.
-Paper: “Wayfinding: How to Bring Yourself up Trans.”

Sense8 and the Creation of Global Trans Utopian Horizons.” WisCon Feminism and Science Fiction Annual Conference (academic track). With micha cárdenas and Roxanne Samer. Roundtable. May 2017.

SCMS annual conference, Chicago, IL. March 2017:


“Thick With the Future: Bound and the Queer/Trans Utopian Horizon,” Sonoma State Queer Studies Lecture Series. March 2017:

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The Moon Transdisciplinary Art Series, Grand Rapids MI. December 2016:


Panelist, Transgender Media (representing “We’ve Been Around” series), Side-by-Side International LGBT Film Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia. November 2016:


University of Turku, Gender Studies and Science, Embodiment, and Transformation Research Group, Turku, Finland. November 2016:


NWSA annual conference, Montreal QC. November 2016: